School’s OUT!

I just finished my first term, ending with a presentation in biostatistics on drug arrest rates and economic indicators and participating in a live radio session on the harmful effects of the HIV stigma that is prevalent in many Caribbean regions. It was a fast-paced term jam-packed with oodles of information along with a fair share of bumps and obstacles. Nevertheless, I’ve officially completed one-third of my degree (earning the M in MPH). Sometimes, though, I have to ask myself, would some of the stuff that goes on here fly if this school were not in Grenada, but perhaps, in the US? Probably not. However, I wouldn’t give up my experiences (both in and out of school) for anything.

Most visitors of foreign countries often eagerly anticipate seeing the sights and attractions of a new region. However, I’ve always found myself more  enthused to learning how to live like the locals, having a lust for the mundane and minutiae of everyday life, and a yearning to engross myself in the quotidian patterns of the native people. It’s one of the reasons why I’m more and more excited to be moving off campus in an area called Lance Aux Epines (recognize the French influence?). Although, the area is heavily concentrated with students and holds hostage many amenities that I’m sure are lacking in true, native residential areas, I’m happy to be far-removed from the bubble that a school campus creates. Continue reading


Lessons Learned

It still astounds me but what was supposed to already be an 18 hour journey exacerbated into a 41 hour ordeal. Our (my girlfriend, Kate travelled as my partner-in-crime) first flight from Chicago to Miami was delayed three hours due to “technical difficulties”- little did we know then how soon we were to become the best of companions with these two little words. We learned of this as we were shuttled around to three different terminals before we were actually allowed to board the plane. Unfortunately, this was the first of many diversions. We reached Miami, downcast, however, as we were unable to make our connecting flight to Barbados, where we were to have a 7 hour layover until we flew over to Grenada at 6AM the following day.

The View from Our Backyard

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