Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Forty-five days lie between me and my Step One Board Exam. The Step One. But is it really my first step? Is it only a step? It’s beginning to feel more like a hop, skip, and a jump. Of course, I’ve taken many steps, some towards open doorways, some towards closed ones, and some towards paths where I had to fashion my own door out of a neatly framed window. With all the endless locating and relocating I’ve done in the past couple years, I feel like life is just one giant terminal, and we’re all just perpetually loitering until our next lift. While we wait, we’re inclined look into the future, and somehow that makes our present tense a little more homely and agreeable. But if you’re not wary, the past can sneak up on you, like a closet crammed with all the things you no longer have room for in your day-to-day life, springing open and saturating you with memories and mementos.
My Alma Mater

My Alma Mater

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T-minus 1 week…

It still seems ludicrous every time I stop to think about my reality: in one week, I’ll be moving to a country that, up until a year go,I didn’t even know existed. The months and months of filling out and working on applications, secondary applications, essays, and interviews (not to mention all the added effort of producing tons and tons of BS on trite, unoriginal essay prompts and vapid interview questions) have all led up to these upcoming moments. My time is fleeting before I am both consumed and defined by the books I have to study and the tests I have to take.

Graduation from College on Bascom Hill

As excited as I am, however, a small portion of me is coercing the rest of my mind and body to still stay rooted to the present as much as my thoughts and eyes are wont to linger around the ever-approaching horizon. I really can’t say I did that all too well the summer before I left for college, but it would’ve been nice to be able to recollect a few more moments before I took that essential rite of passage and metamorphosis. Thus, I thought the only way of christening the future was to honor the past. I choose to do it in displaying and showcasing some of the beauty I was able to capture from the city that I’ve loved for the last 5 years: Madison, WI. Continue reading