Response: Questions Regarding MPH

NS writes:

Hey Palak,

I am planning to start the MPH to MD pathway at SGU this August.  I came across your blog and have read through it.  I found it interesting and informative.  I had a few follow up questions, if you do don’t mind addressing them.

1)Based on your latest post, it seems like several students believe their MPH coursework wasn’t well structured.  Did you find this to be the case?
2)After your first semester of the MPH, did you opt not to start the MD program?  It seems as though your grades would have qualified you to, based on the post you made during finals time.
3) Would you say a majority of MPH to MD candidates progress to start the MD the following semester? Or is this group the minority? From your experience, does this come down to largely effort, or is grading fairly subjective?
4) How is the program changing? Is it becoming more competitive? Are class sizes growing?

Thanks for your blog! Continue reading


Palak Shah, MPH

It’s been exactly 60 days since I last posted. A mere 2 months. It’s not exactly a monumental length of time. A year on Mercury is longer, Watermelons take longer to harvest. The sex of a fetus is not even apparent yet. And still, I don’t feel the same as I once did. In those 1,440 hours between the present and my last  encounter with this blog, lives were lost, others were changed, philosophies were adopted, others were discarded, old paths were burned in search of higher latitudes, and out of a hazy resolve arose a trenchant redefinition concerning my direction and purpose. I’ve deferred my entrance into medical school for a year, switched gears and am applying to DO schools, finished my graduate thesis on sickle cell disease and pain, lost a young friend in the blink of an eye, and left the island I’ve come to think of as home. Although I cannot begin to do justice to all of these turn of events that have occurred in the past two months in one post, I’ll just start with a couple initial details… Continue reading