Why MPH?

I get asked more often than not why I’m choosing to attain a dual degree, and more specifically, an MPH. The truth is I woke up one day knowing that status and respect are proportional to the amount of letters that follow your name and was pumped to add as many vowels and consonants I could occupy. Watch out! PhD and MS are next. Ok maybe that’s only partially true. While it’s nice to have the makings of alphabet soup proceeding your name, I doubt it’ll render any moron on Earth to take me seriously.

A couple of years ago, I met a girl, a junior in college, who identified as a rape victim. However when she talked about what had happened to her multiple times, it was with an air of detachment as if she were recounting a scene in a movie she once saw rather having actually experienced it. It turns out that her mind had repressed what ever emotions were attached with the incident and seemed to only extract the objective details. Continue reading