M1. M-Done!

I would apologize for my two month-long hiatus but for those small portion of you that follow along, you should know by now how little worth that apology would hold. In the past two months, I’ll admit, I was seduced with the “living” aspect and not so much the “reflecting.” But with third term in full swing, I have a little bit more time to procrastinate on my obligations (as usual) and try to relive the past couple of weeks.

First things first. I survived my first year of medical school! My title as medical school newbie hasn’t really changed except the fact that I’m more in debt than ever. However, let us all pretend for one transient moment, especially considering how my medical school career started off, like this isn’t one gigantic Festivus miracle. Nevertheless, before I get into some of the more intriguing aspects of my short-lived 6-week summer, I thought I would get to the more administrative aspects of this blog which emphasizes medical school endurance. Thus, as one who has been there and back with a B-average or better, here are my notes on surviving and thriving in second term: Continue reading


Aha! and Uh-Ohs

Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one. The same could be said about advice, for anything one has to do to proffer guidance on an experience is to live through it. A couple of weeks ago, I realized I was no exception when my first-term roommate asked me a simple question on histology. Before you know it, that quick one-minute answer the poor kid was looking for on how to be successful in histo transformed into a half-hour diatribe on the greater life lessons one should learn in their first semester of medical school. I never realized how keen I was to divulge my own personal musings on success and failure (at least in non-blog form).

It begged me to ask what it was about medical students in particular to be so eager to volunteer our expertise in piloting through medical school? Continue reading