Gimme an “M!” Gimme a “P!”

Well, it’s official! I’ve earned the “M” and “P” of my graduate program. Now I’m just waiting for that elusive “H” so that I can wear the trio of letters after my name and bear all the responsibilities that accompany it. Term 2 was a whirlwind of papers, learning how to critically analyze, and setting ourselves a foundation for the capstone, which simply is the culmination of our graduate degrees, as we try to apply all that we’ve learned. Even though this term was longer than last term, it feels like I just started. The stress only got worse. Tensions escalated. I think I can speak on behalf of my classmates to say that we definitely felt the pressure to define what our niche was and what was important for each one of us to explore in the the plight to improve the quality of life for those around us, especially in choosing a capstone. So here’s how classes went this term: Continue reading


Of Hope and Hogwartz

I’ve been meaning to write this particular post for a while now. In the midst of getting ready for Grenada, and moving out of Madison, I haven’t fully had time to reflect on all that I’ve learned while I was out visiting with my girlfriend’s grandparents. They live in a massive retirement community spanning three counties  in Florida called The Villages intact with pools, movie theaters, communal squares, shops, golf courses and all of these places are accessible by golf carts…I’m probably not the only 23-year-old drooling over this palatial retirement resort.

We visited the Harry Potter portion at Universal Studios in Orlando. Hogsmeade is pictured above.

Over the week, I relished in the honor of getting to know my girlfriend’s grandmother, Peggy, very well. Her life in recent years has emerged as an overlapping case report of medical episodes. She suffers from peripheral neuropathy where she gradually continues to lose sensation in the tips of her fingers and toes. She also simultaneously suffers from diabetes type 2. After gaining sores in her feet from what would be only the second pedicure of her life, her life led into a downhill spiral full of doctor’s visits and treatments. As her sore was getting better on her right leg, doctors discovered a blood clot in that very leg. It might not have been so bad with diabetes alone but that compounded with 40 years of smoking history only served to exacerbate the situation. She had a catheter placed within her that delivered chemicals to diminish her clot. While the clot successfully lessened, severe immobility due to the placement of the catheter worsened her sores. It was only through rehab that she regained movement of her foot. Continue reading

Life is Good…Except When It’s Not

There’s bad luck and then there’s REALLY bad luck…losing your wallet is not a pleasant experience but when you have just about of every form of state-issued identification in it and a flight to catch in five hours, it’s inconvenient to say the LEAST.

It was about midnight last Friday that I realized “crap! I can’t find my wallet!” I ride the bus everyday and remember having taken out my wallet to get my bus pass but then not remembering having it after that. So my only option was to get my only form of viable identification, my passport. Only problem is is that it’s at my parents’ home in Chicago, about a 2 hour ride away from where I live in Madison, WI. Nothing like a road trip when you’re already tired from working all day just to hop in the car when all you want to do is SLEEP. I called up my dad frantic that my week-long vacation in the sunshine state was to be postponed due to my incredibly moronic safeguarding skills. Luckily, I was bred by 2 compassionate people that not only found my passport for me but also got out on the road at midnight to meet me halfway so that they could ensure I got a decent vacation before scientific boot camp (aka school) began. Continue reading